Among many renowned surfing points in Maldives some of the most-talk about surf breaks are within close access from GOLHAA VIEW INN. 10 minute boat ride to Coke and roughly 15 minutes ride to Chicken’s. Approximately 20 to 40 minute boat ride to access other surf break .

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“Cokes” named after coco cola factory which resides on the island. A big wave tube spot. The swell is ideal from the South with winds blowing from the Northeast. This wave, it is a hallow and tubular right hander breaking over coral is possibly the most dependable performance wave in the Maldives recommended for surfers with at least some experience especially when  the swell is big.

“Chickens” – named after the poultry farm that once existed on the island facing. Located off the uninhabited island  next to Thulusdhoo about 15 minutes ride by speedboat. These waves hold double the size as the swell approaches.
This long left-hand wave with 2 sections, easily can get barrels on the last section of the wave.

On its big swell days and perfect wind conditions, it’s possibly one of the best waves in the world, only advisable for intermediate or experience surfers.

Could be a favorite among Japanese Surfers visiting regularly, maybe that’s the reason to name it “Ninjas”. Slow right-hander, good for beginners and long-boarders. Best conditions on W-NW with moderate S swell. However swells larger than 4ft ruin it.

This surf point is more likely for clients staying at Dhonveli Resort. This wave is an amazing left that has two famous sections, one named Macarroni bowl due to its bowling type of section and Lock jaws that only work on days when the swell is big and grinds into very shallow water over the reef.

Located on the island of Thaburudhoo (on the same island as Sultans), some consider it the best wave of the Maldives, but maybe not be as popular as Cokes and Chickens.

When the conditions are met, it is true World Class, that’s for sure!. It is a super long, left-hand wave that can double in the second section. It is a fast left at 4-6ft and needs the right swell direct. Worth checking out if Sultans is crowded. It is an ideal spot for winter on North_East wind.

Situated on the island of Himafushi, this spot was only recently to surfers because it is located right across the national jail. Here you will find a perfect right wave fairly fast that srts off low and growing as if advances. A right-hander that work better with big swell as it forms as loger wave, otherwise has three solid sections. The name is because there used to be a prison in the island. This is probably the fastest wave in the Maldives with long walls and 3 tube sections.

Super fast right-hand wave that works better with bigger swell and can become very long with swell from the south, best conditions are found with winds from the west and high tide. If Honky’s is onshore, then Sultans will be offshore. An easy right-hander with an inside a little faster. It is one of the most consistent waves and there will always be something to surf.