40 years, Kaafu Atoll remains a real Aquarium and GOLHAA VIEW INN facilitates you the opportunity to discover these dives sites with professional instructors. Our associated fully equipped Dive School on the island with professional instructors are eager to  assist you no matter you a beginner, intermediate or an experience diver.
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Cokes corner is the nearest dive site to Thusludhoo Island. This is a channel dive. In incoming current you’ll jump a little away
from the corner of the channel. The reef is gently sloping down to 25m. Top reef is around 7m. Schools of blue stripes snappers,
red and midnight snappers, eagle ray, white tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, batfish schools, some-times manta rays and many

Cokes faru is the long reef of Thulusdhoo island. We jump and dive along this gigantic reef, starting at 7 meters and gently
dropping to 25 meters. At depth we encounter a sandy plateau where stingrays and sharks are resting. Along the reef, school
of blue stripes snappers, red and midnight snappers, eagle ray and Hawksbill turtles. When you dive in the blue, you will
encounter a massive school of batfish playing with your fins and bubbles…

The island kuda villingili (island name) had a poultry farm in earlier days that’s why it’s call chickens. Fantastic dives site with
big Napoleon, big White tips, grey reef, tubes of big eye jack fishes, honeycomb moray eels, tunas chasing fusiliers and sometimes
you might encounter eagle ray, devil’s ray and many more…

Located at the channel entrance of Lohifushi. It features a large variety of reef fish. A sandy bottom at 25m can have white tip
reef sharks and stingrays, and you might also see Napoleon Wrasse and school of snappers, sweetlips, butterfly fish, anthias
and unicorn fish. Curios eagle rays might pass by and dogtooth tunas would enjoy the thousands fusiliers feeding on the
plankton in the blue. You might end you dive out the reef with batfish playing with you.

Faru means in Maldivian language reef. This dive site is good for beginner divers. The reef slop goes up to 20m. You might
encounter Stingrays resting on the sandy bottom, blue trigger fish, masked bannerfish, moray eels, red snappers, blue fin trevally,
butterfly fish on the top of reef, few lobsters in small cavities and many more…

This dive site is good for all levels. The reef slope goes up to 20-25m. Then you find a sandy plateau at 25 meters leading to
pinnacle formation at a depth of 25meters and more. You might encounter hawksbill turtles and stingrays resting on the sandy
bottom, grey reef shark hovering in the blue, and sometimes surprising Manta using the pinnacles as cleaning stations….

This dive site is good for all levels. The dive starts by a coral formation at 8 meters, where sweetlips and snappers are hovering
facing the drift. The reef slope goes down to 18 meters. At the corner, you will dive in a cave and find small overhang where
Napoleon, cardinal fish are resting. You might encounter hawsbill turtles and stingrays resting on the sandy bottom, curious
grey reef shark checking on the divers and somethimes eagle rays….

Meeru corner the name is given after the island Meeru. The dive site is a south side of Meeru channel. Overhangs starting for
12 meters to 30 meters, the reef goes down to 35 meters+. Colorful gorgonians and sea fans inhabits the wall. Big eagle rays are
passing by, school of fusilier, surgeon fish playing with your bubbles, napoleon wrasse, sweet lips and a lot more…

Asdu wreck is located between Dhiffushi and Asdu. The wreck is near a reef. The reef is very healthy with a lot of fish and nice
corals and anemones. The wreck has been there for more than 10 years so it becomes an artificial reef and length is 80ft. Small
glass fish. cleaning shrimps, trumpet fish, sweetlips are settling the place. Thus dive site is not only for advanced divers even
open water divers. On the sandy bottom nearby, you could encounter stingrays and reef sharks.

Asdhoo rock is located near Asdhoo island. In this dive site there are small pinnacles found in north east side of a big one.
On the east side of the pinnacle is all living corals and west side of the pinnacle is a drop off. Big napoleon wrasse, schools of hump
head snappers and blue stripes snappers, turtles, red snappers and fusiliers are seen while diving.

Unusual coral formation like an apartment with levels raising from 30m to 10m on the outside part of the atoll. It has many
dwelling occupants and the place appears overcrowded with reef fishes. White tip reef sharks, stingrays, sweetlips, pufferfish,
giant moray eels, and schools of blue stripes snappers, turtles and many more…

Prisca head is located near Meeru island resort at the north side of Meeru channel. manta rays pass by as well as grey reef sharks,
white tip reef sharks, school of surgeon fish, jack fish, moray eels.

In Maldivian language miyaru means shark and faru means reef. With an incoming current, grey reef sharks are hovering as well
as jackfish, dogtooth tuna, barracuda. When there is currennt, big one’s are there.

Many more to explore….